Fueling Open-Source Adoption

Why dont more startups and companies use open-source?
Lack of support, advisement and documentation.
This is why we're building a network of open-source developers with prior experience on Open-Source technologies who can help companies adopt open-source technologies more easily.

Open-Source Heroes

We're creating a platform for recognizing Open-Source developers giving access to resources such as tickets, passes to Developer conferences and goodies; Along with an Award platform for recognizing Open-Source Heroes.

Open-Source Founders

What motivates Open-Source technology founders? When people use their softare more often and contribute to it. Through our outreach we're aiming at getting more startups & companies to use Opensourec tech and get more young people to contribute to Open-Source.

Open-Source technology is the engine of hope & innovation

Behind Openfuel is a distributed team of developers, designers & thinkers who are unreasonably hopeful about a brighter future. After all, in a world where it is considered reasonable to accept limitations, innovation comes out of has to be full of reasonable .